ICC Bulgaria Anti-Corruption seminar - 17.10.2017

16 Октомври 2017

ICC Bulgaria Anti-Corruption seminar

“Increase your profits & lower your risks - through non-corruption”

ICC Bulgaria проведе съвместно с ICC Austria еднодневен "Anti-Corruption" семинар на 17 октомври 2017 г. в офис сградата на Националния комитет, гр. София, ул. "Хан Аспарух" №8.

Специален лектор на семинара беше Dr. Maximilian Burger-Scheidlin, изпълнителен директор на ICC Austria - специалист с дългогодишен опит по Антикорупционни стратегии, член на редица международни комисии и работни групи, като BIAC’s & ICC’s Commissions on Anti-Corruption, Paris, OECD Task Force on “Fighting illicit Trade”, “B20 Anti-Corruption Task Force”.

Corruption is one of the biggest curses of our times and impoverishes many countries and many groups of society – the poor and the rich. Presently most anti-corruption training concentrates on legal frameworks and on systemic the implementation of elaborate compliance systems.

As important as this is as a first and basic step – it however does not

o   motivate a corrupt businessman, official or politician to abstain from corruption

o   nor does an international export manager learn how to make “clean business” a success - also in (very) difficult countries

With a new “business approach” to anti-corruption more can be gained.  If you can show to presently corrupt buyers, officials, politicians, what their medium-term risks are, and what they could gain through non-corruption in the longer run - many might willing to re-consider.

Target audience:

·         international export managers (practitioners on the “front lines”)

·         manufacturers and industrialists working in difficult countries

·         compliance officers

The general theme is:

·   “Conduct successful business, win orders in difficult countries - without corruption”.

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