Trade Finance Training Workshop 09 Oct 2018 and 10 Oct 2018

05 Септември 2018

 This workshop has been developed by the EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme (EBRD TFP) 

All successful delegates will receive a certificate of completion awarded by the EBRD TFP in association with the London Institute of Banking and Finance. 

Lecturer: Mr. Vincent O’Brien, EBRD Trade Finance Trainer and Member Executive Committee, ICC Banking Commission.


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ICC and DRBF Regional Conference: Practical Issues in Construction Dispute Resolution and Dispute Avoidance

21 Юни 2018

Date:           27-28 September 2018

Location:      Sofia, Bulgaria
Language:    English
Subject:        Arbitration & ADR 


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2nd ICC European Conference on International Arbitration - 9 April 2018, Paris, France

23 Януари 2018

The 2nd ICC European conference (9 April) and the ICC Institute advanced level training on “Drafting enforceable awards” (11 April) are official events of the Paris Arbitration Week.


  • 2nd ICC European conference on international arbitration

Date: 9 April 2018
Venue: Châteauform’ George V, 28, avenue George V, Paris 8th

The conference is a “must attend” for arbitration professionals who want to keep up to date on the latest institutional developments and the evolution of arbitration in Europe.

  • Opening cocktail reception of the Paris Arbitration Week

Date: 9 April 2018, 19.00-22.00
Venue: The Economic, Social and Environmental Council “CESE”, 9 place d’Iéna, Paris 16th

As this is a Governmental building, please be sure to bring your ID which will be asked at the security desk of the entrance.

  • ICC Institute advanced level training on “Drafting enforceable awards”

Date: 11 April 2018
Venue: Paris, ICC HQ, 33 avenue du Président Wilson, Paris 16th

Focusing on what can be referred to as the most prominent duty of an arbitrator, participants will learn the best practices pertaining to drafting awards and the ways of maximizing their enforceability. Accordingly, this interactive and practical training will focus on the procedural as well as formal requirements, and cover the issue of the necessary substantive accuracy of the award.

Who should attend?

  • Practising lawyers
  • Corporate counsel
  • Arbitrators
  • Mediators
  • Business professionals and academics coming from or doing business in Europe

For more information  - please see of the ICC events and here



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Семинари на ICC Bulgaria - 04.12 - 05.12.2017

05 Декември 2017

ICC Bulgaria проведе следните семинари:

  • Еднодневен семинар, на тема: Documentary credits, with special focus on examination of documents under L/C as per new ISBP 745E, Current developments and practices “, който се състоя на 04.12.2017 г. (регистрация за участие на: http://www.icc-bulgaria.bg/bg/events/view/57);
  • Еднодневен семинар, на тема: "Trade finance rules and practices. Critical issues when dealing with demand guarantees & standby letter of credit", който се състоя на 05.12.2017 (регистрация за участие на http://www.icc-bulgaria.bg/bg/events/view/58).

Семинарите се проведоха на английски език, с лектор г-н Павел Андрле, секретар на Банковата комисия на ICC Чехия и автор на книгата „Examination of documents under documentary credits“.

Семинарите бяха насочени към експерти по търговско финансираве, мениджъри, търговци, занимаващи се с внос и износ, превозвачи, спедитори, застрахователи, юристи и др.

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ICC Bulgaria Anti-Corruption seminar - 17.10.2017

16 Октомври 2017


ICC Bulgaria Anti-Corruption seminar

“Increase your profits & lower your risks - through non-corruption”

ICC Bulgaria проведе съвместно с ICC Austria еднодневен "Anti-Corruption" семинар на 17 октомври 2017 г. в офис сградата на Националния комитет, гр. София, ул. "Хан Аспарух" №8.

Специален лектор на семинара беше Dr. Maximilian Burger-Scheidlin, изпълнителен директор на ICC Austria - специалист с дългогодишен опит по Антикорупционни стратегии, член на редица международни комисии и работни групи, като BIAC’s & ICC’s Commissions on Anti-Corruption, Paris, OECD Task Force on “Fighting illicit Trade”, “B20 Anti-Corruption Task Force”.

Corruption is one of the biggest curses of our times and impoverishes many countries and many groups of society – the poor and the rich. Presently most anti-corruption training concentrates on legal frameworks and on systemic the implementation of elaborate compliance systems.

As important as this is as a first and basic step – it however does not

o   motivate a corrupt businessman, official or politician to abstain from corruption

o   nor does an international export manager learn how to make “clean business” a success - also in (very) difficult countries

With a new “business approach” to anti-corruption more can be gained.  If you can show to presently corrupt buyers, officials, politicians, what their medium-term risks are, and what they could gain through non-corruption in the longer run - many might willing to re-consider.

Target audience:

·         international export managers (practitioners on the “front lines”)

·         manufacturers and industrialists working in difficult countries

·         compliance officers

The general theme is:

·   “Conduct successful business, win orders in difficult countries - without corruption”.

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21 Септември 2017


Форумът се проведе с подкрепата на

ICC Bulgaria съвместно с ICC International Court of Arbitration проведе конференция за млади специалисти по арбитраж на 12 октомври 2017 г. в гр. София, Хотел "Анел".

Специални гост лектори бяха Ivana Blagojević, Deputy Counsel, ICC International Court of Arbitration и Gaëlle Le Quillec, Partner in Betto Seraglini International Dispute Resolution, Paris. Лектори на събитието бяха водещи специалисти в областта на арбитража от Франция, Румъния, Гърция и България.

Конференцията беше насочена към млади специалисти, практикуващи в областта на арбитража на възраст до 40 години: адвокати, арбитри, юрисконсулти или представители на академичната общност. Конференцията на ICC YAF е идеален форум за младите практикуващи да обменят идеи и опит в областта на международния арбитраж и да обогатят мрежата си в региона.

Основни лектори и панелисти на конференцията бяха:

Cosmin Vasile
Managing Partner, Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners, Bucharest

Gaëlle Le Quillec

Partner, Betto Seraglini International Dispute Resolution, Paris

Ivana Blagojević

Deputy Counsel, ICC International Court of Arbitration

Cornel Popa
Partner, Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii, Bucharest

Stamatios Tsetos
Tsetos & Leboulanger Law Firm (Athens, Greece) | Founding Partner
Leboulanger & Associés (Paris, France) | Partner

Marina Papadatou
Leboulanger & Associés (Paris, France) | Associate
Tsetos & Leboulanger Law Firm (Athens, Greece) | Of Counsel

Metodi Baykushev
Managing Partner at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co., Sofia

Martin Zahariev
Associate at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co., So


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ICC Bulgaria full day regional Arbitration conference - 13.10.2017

05 Септември 2017

ICC Bulgaria together with the ICC International Court of Arbitration organized an Arbitration Conference on 13 October 2017 in Sofia, Grand Hotel Sofia.

The Special guest lecturer was Ivana Blagojević, Deputy Counsel, ICC International Court of Arbitration.

The highlights were:

A full-day regional arbitration conference on various topics of international arbitration with both domestic and international speakers. А gathering event for practitioners (lawyers, in-house, arbitrators) and academics from all the Europe (United Kingdom, France, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, etc.) which all share the passion for arbitration and have in-debt knowledge in this area. Аn excellent opportunity to do networking with some of the leading arbitration practitioners and with in-house lawyers of some of the biggest companies in the region.

The conference was intended for:

Lawyers, in-house, arbitrators, academics, company managers and everybody with interest in international arbitration.

The conference was with the assistance: Dimitrov, Petrov & Co, Sabev & Partners law firm, Georgiev, Todorov &Co and Dimitar Smilenov Council & Arbitrator

The main lecturers and panelists at the conference were:

Ana Stanič
Arbitration lawyer, Founder of E&A Law, London

Assen Alexiev
Partner, Sabev&Partners Law Firm, Sofia

Alexander Katsarski

Partner, Georgiev, Todorov & Co., Sofia

Cremona Cotovelea
Managing Partner at SCPA Tecuci Paltineanu, Bucharest

David Brown
Partner, Clyde & Co, Paris

Davor Babic
Professor of Private International Law and International Arbitration at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Law, Zagreb

Dimiter Smilenov

ICC Court Member, Managing Partner at /Novel Consult/Law firm Kolcheva, Smilenov, Koev & Partners, Sofia

Eva Kalnina
Counsel, Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler, Geneva

Edward Corbett
Managing director of Corbett & Co, London

Ivana Blagojević
Deputy Counsel, ICC International Court of Arbitration

Kaan Turegun
Owner, Turegun Ari Attorney Partnership (TAA LEGAL), Istanbul

Marko Szucsich
Attorney at law, BAIER Rechtsanwälte | Attorneys at law, Wien

Metodi Baykushev
Secretary General ICC Bulgaria, Managing Partner at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. Law Firm, Sofia

Stamatios Tsetos
Tsetos & Leboulanger Law Firm (Athens, Greece) | Founding Partner
Leboulanger & Associés (Paris, France) | Partner

Valentin Bozhilov
Senior Associate, Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov, Sofia

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15th ICC Miami Conference on International Arbitration

18 Май 2017

Registration is now open for the 15th ICC Miami conference on international arbitration, taking place on 5-7 November 2017. Last year's edition sold out, gathering 600+ participants from over 40 countries.

The Conference will be held in English, Portuguese and Spanish with simultaneous interpretation.

Until 30 June 2017, ICC Bulgaria members can save up to 35% (US$743) when registering for this conference on-line using the ICC Bulgaria NC code BUL-7632.

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Семинари на ICC Bulgaria, на тема: "Incoterms® 2010" and "Trade finance operations" - 29.05 - 30.05.2017 г.

30 Април 2017

ICC Bulgaria ще проведе на 29.05 - 30.05.2017 г. семинари, на тема: "Incoterms® 2010" and "Trade finance operations".

Събитията ще се проведат на английски език, в офис сградата на ICC Bulgaria, на адрес: гр. София 1463, ул.”Хан Аспарух” №8, с лектор с лектор г-н Павел Андрле, секретар на Банковата комисия на ICC Чехия и автор на книгата „Examination of documents under documentary credits“.

Семинарите са насочени към банкери, експерти по търговско финансиране, мениджъри, търговци, занимаващи се с внос и износ, превозвачи, спедитори, застрахователи, юристи и др.

Подробна информация за мероприятията, може да видите на сайта на ICC Bulgaria, на линковете: http://www.icc-bulgaria.bg/bg/events/view/48 и http://www.icc-bulgaria.bg/bg/events/view/50

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