Examination of documents under documentary credits


The intention of this work is to provide exporters (beneficiaries) of documentary credits as well as bankers with a practical guide which would help them to develop a degree of competence in their daily documentary credit operations needed for a success. The task of getting the documents right, so they meet all terms and conditions of the documentary credit, is indeed very demanding. To achieve this strenuous goal one must be well aware of the rules and international standard banking practices in the field.

The publication explains the very complex rules and practices related to examination of documents presented under documentary credits, i.e. ICC Rules of Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600) and the international standard banking practices for examination of documents under documentary credits as reflected in the another ICC publication No. 745 (ISBP 745), in practical fashion. The most significant ICC Banking Commission Opinions (up to the date of the publication) related to the examination of documents are scrutinized and their interpretation explained. The examination of documents and making the decision whether they comply with the credit terms and conditions or not is certainly the most crucial, difficult and demanding task in the documentary credit practice.

The first part of the book focuses on the general rules related to presentations, i.e. where and when documents must be presented, which documents banks consider as originals and copies, which documents must be always signed and dated etc. It also provides explanations of the most common expressions used in documentary credits and practical advice how to avoid problems, disputes and misunderstandings.

The second part of the book provides very detailed explanations of the practice of examination of the most common documents applied by banks, i.e. invoices, various certificates and lists, transport documents, documents issued by freight forwarders and insurance documents. It does so by providing so called “Checklists”, i.e. examples of the documents with detailed explanations which aspects are examined by banks for their compliance with the credit terms and conditions and the ICC rules for documentary credits.

The rules themselves, i.e. UCP 600 and its supplement ISBP, ICC publication no. 745, are also part of the book as annexes. This further enhances the practical value of this publication for its every day use.

The publication is indeed unique in both its scope and practicality. It has the ambition to became a reference book in this very important field of the international trade finance. It is specifically designed for the exporters and banks, however the importers, carriers, freight forwarders, cargo insurers and other practitioners in the international trade will also significantly benefit from it.

The current second edition of the book represents a complete update caused mainly by the new ISBP 745 and new ICC Opinions.

The publication is also significantly extended, it now also includes sections on determination of maturity dates for payments in accordance with availability of the credits, on refusal of documents, more detailed section of partial shipments and drawings etc. The book has become an essential tool for every documentary credit practitioner!


Pavel Andrle, Secretary of the ICC Czech Republic Banking Commission, Consultant and Trainer in the International Trade Finance

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