Seminar: International Standard Banking Practice, Risk Assessment, New Developments from Bankers and Companies Perspective

07 May 2012

ICC Bulgaria 2 Day Seminar on 31.05-01.06. 2012, Sofia, Iztok Conference Hall, Tower A, Sopharma Business Towers

This is a practical seminar on international best practices in documentary credits, explaining provisions of UCP 600 and ISBP 681 – the ICC rules for Documentary Credits. The workshop will also focus on new developments in international bank guarantees with particular emphasize on implementation of URDG 758 – ICC Rules for demand guarantees. Significant time will be devoted to new trends – development of IFA – ICC Rules for forfaiting and Rules for bank payment obligation (BPO) addressing international open account trade.

The seminar is specifically designed to address the current situation in the global economics – the shift towards traditional means of payment as the most secure payment instruments as the payment risks and uncertaintity escalate. The seminar deals with the most common situations and practical issues in order to familiarize the participants with the crucial elements of international standard banking practice.

The Seminar will include also keynote web session presentations from ICC Paris and ICC Russia on Incoterms 2010 and Trade Finance practical issues

Course Leader: Pavel Andrle, ICC Czech Republic

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