ICC Bulgaria and Warwick Business School Strategy workshop - Value Creation in Good & Bad times

08 June 2010

You are invited to attend the first Strategic Leadership Workshop “Value Creation in Good and Bad Times” with Warwick and ICC Bulgaria on the 8th July 2010.

This represents an outstanding opportunity for you to benefit from sharing new perspectives and insights from a Warwick Business School expert, and to network with ICC Bulgaria network members from a diverse range of sectors.

This session for senior professionals will explore:

  • Strategy & Drivers of Value Creation
  • Analysing your Business’ Strategic Direction ‐ The Strategy Wheel
  • Boosting Strategy Alignment in your Organisation
  • Resourcefulness vs. Scarce Resources
  • Tapping Ingenuity and Creativity in tough times

 Session Structure:

  • Interactive Lecture & Discussion with Dr. Scott Lichtenstein
  • A simulated example
  • Facilitated Discussion Session to cover
  • Addressing key managerial issues
  • Brainstorming topics of interest

Programme and registration details - please see here.

Key Speakers:

  • Dr Scott Lichtenstein BA, MBA, DBA, DipM.

Scott is a Client Director at the Executive Education team Warwick Business School. Scott researches and publishes in the areas of Strategy, Strategic Leadership, Management and Corporate Governance. He is co‐author of: From Recession to Recovery: A Leadership Guide for Good and Bad Times.

  • Iona Thomson is Business Manager in the Exec. Ed. team at WBS.

She manages corporate relationships and the provision of Development solutions. A Warwick Learning Support professional, she has experience in working with high profile private sector organisations, providing coaching, mentoring, feedback and action learning set facilitation.

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