Regular members of the National Committee may be:

  • All companies, corporation and partnerships involved in international business relevant activities, whether private, collective, public or state-owned and including foreign-owned entities, are eligible to become regular members of the National Committee, so long as they carry out all or part of their operations in Bulgaria.
  • Chambers of Commerce and professional associations, whether local, regional or national, including bilateral Chambers representing foreign business in Bulgaria are also eligible to become regular members of the National Committee.
  • Country scholars, academic, professional and other individuals involved in international business are eligible for individual membership in the National Committee.
  • The National Committee may also have honorary members. As honorary members could be elected prominent persons from Bulgaria with substantial contribution to the achievement of the goals of the National Committee.

All members of the National Committee are automatically members of ICC and any application for membership in the National Committee shall be construed as also meaning application for membership to ICC.


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