About us

Founders of the National Committee

• The Association “Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria CEIBG The Voice of Bulgarian business”, Sofia, Bulgaria;
• “Sopharma”AD, Sofia, Bulgaria;
• “Aroma”AD, Sofia, Bulgaria;
• “Alfa Finance Holding”AD, Sofia, Bulgaria;
•  “Orgachim”AD, Rousse, Bulgaria;
• “Euro-finance”AD, Sofia, Bulgaria; and
• Sabev and Partners law firm, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Goals of National Committee

• To promote international trade, services and investment and to eliminate obstacles and distortions to international commerce;

• To promote the market economy system based on principles of free and fair competition among business enterprises;

• To foster economic growth of both developed and emerging economies;

• To represent the Bulgarian commercial, professional service, and industrial enterprises in the international community;

• To co-ordinate activities of the Bulgarian business community and to represent its interests in dealing with both national and internationals in matters concerned with international trade; and

• To foster self-regulation by business.


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