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ICC Special projects

BASCAP: Business Action to Stop Counterfeitingand Piracy is a coalition of ICC member companies and trade associations actively engaged in a setof projects designed to protect intellectual propertyrights and stop the spread of counterfeit products.
BASCAP was launched in 2004 by the then ICCChairman, Jean-René Fourtou. It is headed by a groupof like-minded CEOs drawn from ICC’s network andrepresenting the large number of countries andindustry segments affected by this problem. BASCAPis an operational programme that connects allbusiness sectors and cuts across all national borders,drawing them together to ensure that their messageis clearly heard by governments and the public.
BASCAP aims to:
  • increase public and political awarenessof counterfeiting and piracy and the social and economic harm they wreak
  • compel government action and the allocation of resources towards improving enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • bring about a cultural sea change to ensure intellectual property rights are protected and respected
Damage caused by counterfeiting and piracy:
  • consumer health and safety are imperiled –especially by the widespread counterfeit productionof pharmaceuticals and aircraft and car parts
  • governments bear much of the financial burdenthrough loss of tax revenue
  • research and innovation efforts are stymied
  • Interpol intelligence shows that counterfeitingand piracy are increasingly being used to fundorganized crime
BASCAP is prepared for a sustained effort to end this scourge. As the only business organization with a truly global reach, ICC is well placed to takethe fight against counterfeiting to the level required for action to be effective.
BASIS: Business Action to Support the InformationSociety is the voice of world business on Internetgovernance issues and information and communications technologies.
ICC set up the BASIS (Business Action to Support theInformation Society) initiative to serve as the voice ofworld business on Internet governance and informationand communications technologies (ICTs) issues. These tools are key drivers of the global economy, essentialfor the development of companies and countries.
Through the networks of ICC, BASIS ensures thatbusiness perspectives are taken into account. BASIS is composed of company and association membersfrom various business sectors and around the world.
BASIS speaks out on a wide range of critical issues,including:
  • Internet governance matters such as dataprotection, privacy, security, and the technicalmanagement and coordination of the Internet
  • liberalization of the telecoms market
  • entrepreneurship
  • innovation
  • ICTs as tools for development
This advocacy effort draws on the substantive policyand practical work of ICC’s Commission on E-Business, IT and Telecoms, and the experience of ICC’s members.
Supplying business expertise
ICC has long understood the importance of ICTs to promote international trade, and has been working at the heart of ICT and Internet developments for many years, especially by contributing to global policy discussions and intergovernmental negotiations.
Furthering growth and prosperity
BASIS contributes to global efforts to ensure that the Internet and ICTs are put to use by more people and businesses worldwide. This will not only create wealth and jobs, but also spread knowledge, support public authorities in providing education and training, and contribute to greater freedom and democracy. More information about BASIS can be found at: www.iccwbo.org/basis


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