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ICC Bulgaria two days Seminar on Incoterms 2010 and ICC Model International Sale Contract, with 15% discount, 19-20.06.2014

От 19 Юни 2014 до 20 Юни 2014

Място на провеждане

Central Park Hotel, Sofia, Vitosha bul. 106



За участници, желаещи да се регистрират едновременно за семинарите по Incoterms 2010 и ICC Model International Sale Contract е предвидена 15% отстъпка. Освен това всеки участник ще получи безплатно изданията “Incoterms 2010” и “ICC Model International  Sale Contract, чиято редовна цена е съответно 109 лв. и 120 лв. 

Thе training will illustrate the impact of the chosen Incoterms® 2010 rule on the different aspects of the contract of sale with learning-by-doing workshops. In these workshops participants will be given real life scenarios to practice choosing the ‘most efficient’ Incoterms® rule to include in the contract of sale and applying it correctly.


ICC’s series of Model contracts is a unique set of trade tools, invaluable for experts, lawyers and students alike. Succinct and practical, they are fair and balanced for all parties by clearly presenting comprehensive sets of rights and obligations. The ICC Model International Sale Contract is the latest time-saving tool for traders, business people and lawyers involved in important import/export- and sales transactions. It applies mainly to the sale of manufactured goods but can serve as an example to work on for other types of products as well.


Incoterms® 2010 Rules

1.       Introduction to the Incoterms® 2010 Rules

a.       status & structure

b.      the 11 Incoterms® Rules

c.       how to use the Incoterms® rules

2.       Criteria for choosing the ‘right’ Incoterm

a.       Incoterms & payment terms

b.      Incoterms & contract of carriage

c.       Incoterms & customs, VAT

d.      Incoterms & revenue recognition

e.      Incoterms & insurance

3.       Selection of real life scenarios;

a.       Small groups solving scenarios using Publication 715

b.      Plenary discussion on the learnings

ICC Model International  Sale Contract

1.            Introduction on (ICC) model contracts (sales, agency and distributorship contracts)

2.            Selection of real life scenarios

3.            The participants first have to fill in a contract (ICC short form) proposal

a.            One small group impersonating the seller

b.           Another impersonating the buyer

4.            Then negotiate and conclude a contract between themselves

5.            And then we discuss the content of the contractual clauses they agreed upon (or did not agree upon)

a.            Why was your clause drafted that way – will it be effective

b.           How do we look at it from the ICC perspective

c.            What were your business interests

Основни лектори и панелисти

Koen Vanheusden, Legal Director, Belgium Foreign Trade Agency, Brussels;
Chair, ICC Task Force on International Sales

Emily O'Connor, Executive Secretary, ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice, Paris


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