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Strategy Implementation and Communication 2 Day Executive Course

От 09 Ноември 2011 до 10 Ноември 2011

Място на провеждане

ICC Bulgaria Head Office, 8 Han Asparuh Street, Sofia


Experience shows that the main reason why strategies fail is because of poor implementation. Much thought and effort is usually placed in the first stage of the strategic process, namely the creation and formulating of new strategies, but the next step of making it work is all too often not properly planned. It is at this stage, however, when things tend to go wrong.  A typical situation arises in situations when the firm decides to diversify or penetrate new markets through acquisitions. The focus tends to be on who to buy and the process of financial and legal due diligence of the acquired firm, but little attention is paid on how to integrate it undermining the potential benefits of the purchase.      

The programme will address the aspects which are considered essential for the successful   implementation of a strategy. These include people, resource and structural issues. Under people the main aspect is to ensure that all the key stakeholders, both internal and external to the firm, are supportive and committed to the change. A proper communication process of the purpose of the new strategy is a key factor. In light of the importance of foreign investment for the Bulgarian economy, the programme will also include the communication issues of working with people of different national cultures.

No matter how committed people are, the strategy will not progress unless the necessary human and financial resources are allocated. Finally there is also the need to adapt the systems - such as reward and IT systems - the firm structure, and finally the organisational culture to the new changes. To integrate all these issues, the programme will finalise with a discussion on the application of the balanced scorecard, possibly the most widely used tool to implement strategies.

Why should you attend the programme ?
•    Develop an awareness of the need to ensure a proper implementation of the strategy
•    Acquire the knowledge of the key processes and tools applied in successful implementations
•    Learn from the experience of other firms through case studies and examples



Programme Content

•    Setting the framework – from strategy formulation to strategy implementation
•    Leading and communicating change
•    Working with different national cultures
•    Managing barriers to change. Enabling and embedding change
•    Allocating the human and financial resources
•    Adapting the organisational systems, structure and culture to the change
•    Applying the balance scorecard

Основни лектори и панелисти

Emil Herbolzheimer


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