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Value Based Marketing 2 Day Executive Course

От 29 Ноември 2011 до 30 Ноември 2011

Място на провеждане

ICC Bulgaria Head Office, 8 Han Asparuh Street, Sofia


The pace of change in the modern business environment requires managers in all organisations and at all levels to address their focus on their chosen markets and customers. The age of the internet; the economic recession across many parts of the world; and ever increasing competition are just some of the key environmental issues facing all organisations. To stay ahead requires some fresh marketing thinking.

The Value Based Marketing programme is designed to allow participants to think about some of the key elements of marketing and how these are currently being applied by their organisation. Both interactive and engaging, the programme further allows participants to apply some of the key messages into their organisation’s marketing strategy and activities going forward.

Please see here Gary Cook commenting on the key course benefits.

Why you should attend the programme?

This 2 day programme helps participants to:

•    Improve their marketing strategy by taking transaction, brand and relationship marketing – and developing enhanced value-based strategies;

•    Offer greater value to its customers through addressing the ‘total market offering’ in comparison to its competitors' market offerings and prices.

•    Increase their overall marketing effectiveness through understanding how to use strategic pathways as part of an integrated marketing model;

•    Develop an enhanced framework for identifying and evaluating key strategic marketing challenges; and

•    Greatly improve the results attained through future marketing strategy and activities.


Основни лектори и панелисти

Gary Cook has worked for organisations including BA, Network Rail, Transport for London, Thomas Cook, Porsche, Group4 Securicor, Holcim, Amey and is a Visiting Fellow at both Warwick Business School and Loughborough Business School delivering courses to Executive and MBA audiences.


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