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ICC Bulgaria 2 days seminar on “ICC Model Contracts: how to successfully draft an international contract that suits your purpose?”

От 27 Април 2017 до 28 Април 2017

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Офис сградата на ICC Bulgaria, на адрес: гр. София 1463, ул.”Хан Аспарух” №8


Seminar Title: “ICC Model Contracts: how to successfully draft an international contract that suits your purpose?”

Description:        Every international business transaction requires a precise underlying contract. As most companies cannot afford a lawyer behind every transaction, reliable standard models, taking into account globally acceptable and workable contractual standards, might provide these companies with a tool, crucial to the management of their international dealings. Without access to model contract forms, SMEs in particular are at a disadvantage as they risk building the legal basis of their international business dealings on agreements that have either been drafted without any professional legal support, or that have been imposed by the other party. But also large companies, able to pay in-house legal counsel or outsource legal assistance, may benefit from such models, as they may offer the compromise, required to solve the deadlock (battle of the forms) they entered into during negotiations. This seminar aims at helping participants make the right choice in selecting the most appropriate contract for trade and to use it effectively


Target Group:         This two-day seminar is designed for those working in international trade (private sector), in-house as well as an external consultant, who negotiate, draft, interpret and execute international contracts of sale, distribution and commercial agency. Specifically, it is relevant to those in procurement, sales, legal and finance and those who as a manager are to instruct and supervise these departments and those who are to solve disputes.


Program Aim: To provide participants with:          

  • The theoretical and practical knowledge to enable them to draft cross-border contracts that all the parties ‘want’ to execute instead of ‘have’ to execute;
  • To recognize obligations and liabilities arising in absence of a clear-cut contract;
  • The capability to select an appropriate model contract and to understand its role as a conductor of all the obligations and liabilities of the sale (delivery, payment, title, risk transfer, warranties, dispute settlement…) and of the negotiation with the channel (territory, exclusivity, purchases/sales target, goodwill compensation…);
  • A clear understanding of the mechanics of a cross-border contract and to understand methods of mitigating risks and optimizing profit.



1. INTRODUCTION: key issues of drafting international contracts.

  • The impact of different business and legal cultures.
  • Risk identification, evaluation and management.
  • Applicable law and dispute settlement. Will the choice of law/choice of forum be effective? 


  • What is their aim?
  • How to choose the right one?
  • How to use them?
  • ICC Principles to facilitate commercial negotiations. 


  • Case scenario: draw your own international sales contract by using the ICC Model:

§  Identification of the Parties and product;

§  Conformity and liability;

§  Inspection and examination;

§  Delivery and payment terms;

§  Documents to be delivered;

§  Transfer of risk and transfer of title;

§  Liability and limitations;

§  Applicable Law and dispute settlement.


  • Discussion of the draft contract. 

4. NEGOTIATIONS WITH YOUR CHANNEL ABROAD: commercial agency and distributorship.

  • How to choose the right channel? Pros and cons.
  • Case Scenario: write an international agency contract by using the ICC Short Form Model:

§  Territory and products;

§  Exclusivity;

§  Term

§  Obligations of the agent;

§  Obligations of the principal;

§  Termination and effects (compensation/indemnity…);

§  Applicable Law and dispute settlement.


  • Discussion of the draft contract.



Основни лектори и панелисти

Valle García de Novales, Commercial Lawyer, Partner at A\V ASESORES, A.I.E. (Spain) and member of the ICC Commercial Law and Practice Commission. Valle has over 25 years of experience as a corporate lawyer dealing with cross-border transactions and is a regular University and in-company lecturer and trainer on international contracts, Incoterms, documentary credits and investments abroad.


Length: Two-day Seminar (16 hours), 27th and 28th April.


Working language: English


с ДДС 456.00 лв.


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