ICC Model Commercial Agency Contract - 2nd edition


Parties negotiating agency agreements abroad are faced with a major difficulty:  the lack of uniform rules.  There is no internationally agreed uniform legislation for agency agreements, and so parties have to rely on national laws.  Not only do these laws differ from country to country, but they do not take into account the international nature of the contract. 

ICC provides a flexible alternative solution.  Using uniform contractual rules, and not based on any specific national law, the model incorporates prevailing practice in international trade as well as the principles generally recognized by the domestic laws on agency. 

This fully revised edition takes into account recent developments in the laws of agency, including Internet sales.  It also comprises, for the first time, a CD-ROM presenting the text of the contract. Not only does the model offer flexible solutions to international agreements, the CD makes it even simpler to adapt the contract for your specific case.

The detailed introduction explains the scope of the contract and its uses.
And, this 2002 version includes the following new Appendices: 

  • EC Directive 86/653
  • The UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts
  • A list of indications on national laws on commercial agency

Table of Contents 
1. A uniform model form for international trade 
2. The applicable law 
3. Antitrust Rules of the European community (Article 81 and Regulation 2790) 
4. Sales through Internet 
5. Provisions on indemnity 
6. Resolution of disputes: ADR, Arbitration, national courts 
7. Scope of application 
8. Precautions for use of the model form Model Form International Agency Contract (ICC Commercial Agency Contract) 
Annex I - Products and Territory 
Annex II - Products and principals represented by the agent 
Annex III - Advertising, fairs and exhibitions 
Annex IV - Guaranteed minimum target 
Annex V - Del credere XX 
Annex VI – Commissions 
Annex VII - Change of control, ownership and/or management in the agent-company

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