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ICC Publications 2008

· Commentary on UCP 600 – French version
· Insights into UCP 600: Collected Articles from DCI 2003 to 2008
· Users’ Handbook to Documentary Credits under UCP 600
· The Complete UCP: Rules, Text and History, 1933 to 2006
· Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements, Update
· Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees
under International Trade Law (Oxford)

Commercial Practice/Trade Policy/Investment
· Guide to Export/Import Basics, 3rd Edition
· Drafting and Negotiating Intl. Commercial Contracts
· Model Intl. Transfer of Technology Contract
· Model Intl. Trademark License
· Model Intl. Mergers and Acquisitions Contract
· Fighting Corruption, 3rd Edition

Law and Arbitration
· International Commercial Law, 2nd Edition
· Dossier V: Interests, Auxiliary and Alternative Remedies in International Arbitration
· We Must Talk Because We Can: Mediating International Intellectual Property Disputes
· Extraterritoriality in the Context of Intl. Business
· Business Law in China, 2nd Edition, eBook
· ICC Arbitration, 4th Edition (Oxford/Oceana)
· ICC Court of Arbitration Bulletin

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